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Tio's are ok, the Hurricane Dolly eye stalled out about 30 miles directly north of them, Tio emptied their rain gauge 3 times (5"), then it rained for another 6 hours, Winds uprooted one of their Mesquite trees, and wind blowing hard while raining was blowing water and bubbles thru the windows where they overlap and its a new house.

Tio lives in a more or less bowl with shoulders or small levees completely around his property to hold in irrigation water, there are no drains, their house I guess looks like a houseboat on a lake, but it hasn't gotten into the house or shop yet. They have had no electric or phone since noon Wednesday. He does have a generator and is preparing to get it up and running now that the rain has stopped.

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an email to me from Tio.

It was a dark and stormy day. We lost power noon Wednesday and just got it back Saturday evening at 1955 hrs local time. We did find that our hot water heater still had nice warm water Friday night. In spite of running a generator on and off I think that we still lost a bunch of meat but not much ice cream. The weather was reasonable for surviving without AC as we have large windows and good cross flow. The water is receeding here and not much worse than when I irrigate. However various neighbors have serious water problems and the expressway has been close (amoungst other places) here between Mile 1 E and Mile 2E (the outlet mall). Yesterday I went to Pharr to pick up steel (may never get to do that again because of steel prices) and I had a loop drive seeing lots of flooded areas.

The storm came in North of S Padre Island and N of Harlingen and got to about 10 miles or so North of me and stalled. Wed morning we had rain and wind out of the N but it changed to out of West and built up. We discovered some leaking areas. In fact the bottom edge of our top windows has a cupped up lip and the bottom window has a cupped down lip that fit together when closed. Yea right. they were blowing bubbles and getting water in. Easier to understand that in the shed, it was real wet down the center. The wind was blowing the rain up the roof and under the cap on the crown. I had water inside of tool boxes and in covered and protected stuff but I had a coffee can sitting on the back of a work bench and it was empty. Anyhow the strong stuff lasted until 0100 Thur.

We lost a lot of fruit. The trees on the outside row look like they were pruned up with a hedge trimmer. The large mesquite by the corral was uprooted. I wanted to get rid of that anyhow but I did not want to have to deal with it now. The cows were all snug in their little shed until at the very end they had some rain blow in one them. Of course this has not helped my replanting of hay field and west 2/3 of pasture. We did mow what we call the lawn before the storm as it stays under water for a couple of weeks after a god rain. We were blessed to not have anymore aggrivation that we did have.

Many of you probably know more about the storm's progress and where it went and what it did. We had no TV or internet and the radio was just giving general info. Sort of like being in a war. You are there but except for what you see right in front of you, you have no idea what all is going on or has happened.

The border patrol did catch a ton of weed and a bunch of very wet undocumented immigrants that thought the heart of a storm would be a good time to cross.


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Well, that last one was a dud but Gustav looks pretty mean. I got my generator, 20 gals of gas, two full tanks in the car and truck, food for a week and 200 rounds of 12 ga ammunition, not including the 00 buck and slugs. I think I am ready but I am 60 miles from the coast too, so I don't expect to get the worst of it. Keep the folks on the coast in your prayers, it's gonna be a rough week.

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Jr. I have not been released to lift anything over 8 lbs yet because of the back surgery. Not gonna get the BS tools into the truck until I am healed. I still need to install the HF hydraulic crane in the truck, too. The tag on the tool said it bolted to your truck bed but the instructions say you must bolt it to the frame. That is a much more involved process. Fortunately, one of the men who works for me is a mechanical engineer and a qualified auto mechanic. He has volunteered to help me on that.

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