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metal shelf for garage workshop

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sorry if I disturb, I should make a big one
metal shelf to put my shop in order, I need a very heavy and robust structure, a shelf that I want to make about ninety centimeters high, it will serve as a service counter. some ideas to take as inspiration. what material do i use? dimensions two meters long, two meters wide one meter deep, it should support several quintals and be economic in construction. maybe coin recycled materials, let me know thanks greetings to all



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I made one 48 inches X 32 inches, height about 6 feet. I made the base with scrap 2" angle iron 1/4" thick with heavy duty casters then the four sides with 3/16" X 2" angle, the top 1/8" angle and the shelves are framed with 1" X 1/8" inverted angle covered with expanded metal and some 1/2" square tube running across the short span for added strength (all scrap I had on hand). Then I cut up some of the leftover 1/4" angle into "L" brackets to hold my shelves up. I drilled the uprights every 6" and tapped the L brackets for a 3/8" bolt so my shelves can be adjusted by removing the bolts and re-positioning the L brackets. It is very sturdy and the casters make it versatile to move around in the shop. It's present use is holding electrical equipment for upcoming jobs but after I retire I plan to use it for material storage. 

The shelving in your pictures looks a lot like "Gorilla Racks" and I have half a dozen of those along the walls. They are good for storing things long term but impossible to move should something fall behind them.

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thanks for your valuable suggestions, the wheels cannot be placed due to a question of stability, I have to store heavy objects, but I believe that in the middle shelf that I will put at about 80 cm I will bolt a vice and I will use the same as a service counter to perform chores repair and I will equip it with suitable tools thanks

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