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Going Through a Rough Patch

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Hello. My heart goes out to all of the IFI Family who are going through trials and loss.

I am not yet able to talk about the loss of my Brother. I will say, though, that it appears that my property may now be insured, and my disability income far exceeds our present need, for the time being.

I will be posting about what I have been up to, as I have been consistently putting in many hours to battle against despair. Works very well for me.

Thanks to all of you fine People,

Robert and Sheila Taylor

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That's good to hear Robert, a spot of sunshine in a gloomy season is most welcome. Just so you know, you don't get off my prayer list this easily. No siree Bob!

Love and hugs to you and yours. Be well brother the test doesn't exceed your strength. 

 Frosty The Lucky.

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As my newfound bestie, brother, and associate in ironmongery and other myriad interests we seem to be enjoining, I will say that I’ve already been praying for you, brother...

That said, I have been told to GET SPECIFIC when I pray, and with this (slightly dated but still apparently quite relevant) information at hand, I will do just that.

I’m not one to necropost ...but I wanted to sign onto this one officially.

God Bless!


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Having been absent with wrangling my family and "now" more minor trials of my own, I've just read this post. Prayers for you Sheila and family. Glad you made it through the insurance and benefits trials. 

Wether I'm online or not, the IFI family is always in my thoughts and prayers. Forge on.

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  • 7 months later...

Hello All,

I had this all typed out two weeks ago, but the text editor on my "smart" phone obliterated it.  It is at times, difficult for me to focus beyond my OCD-oid tendencies, but here I am.

On October 18, I found myself exhausted and short of breath. I attributed it to my 47 years ago spinal column injuries, which I usually just have to wait out. Slow downhill roll to January 13, I had the worst back pain ever.  February 4, I got in to see the the doctor:  turns out I was having little heart attacks, had one on the ECG for all to see. By this time, I could not walk six feet.  

Cutting to the good stuff, I received pharmaceutical intervention, no surgery necessary, so far, so good!  Now feeling stronger than I have in a long time, but have to be careful with my spinal column.  My first physical therapy began on a stool at my flypress :+D !

I want to thank a few people specifically:  Those who bore with me while the completion of a verbal contract was delayed; My Partner in Palm Desert, who missed a delivery, and kept a close eye on me; another member of the Forum, who has constantly monitored my status and has given great counsel.  And to all of my Family here, whom I have not even been able to check in with for quite some time, but I have felt your presence, prayers, and Intentions.  All of this has bearing on my well being, and my recovery. So, Thanks to All!

Robert Taylor

P.S., here I am in the appropriate shirt for the occasion!



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I just bumped into this thread. Nasty business.

I am glad that medications are helping.

I sort of wondered about not seeing you on the forum recently.

Hang in there. We are all on your side.

Slow and steady wins the race.



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You got this, brother. I keep telling you good stuff is just around the corner and we will get there.

As your “partner (in crime! Lol) in Palm Desert” I am blessed every day to have you as a friend. (And your better half is the salt of the earth I might add)
It’s probably partly my fault you’re not on the forum more what with our daily epic text exchanges as we plot and scheme world domination.

...oops - said the quiet part out loud there?

Keep fighting brother, I will do same same.


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