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Best place to source known steel in the UK ?

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Sorry if this is the wrong forum, i asked in UK sub to no replies and the general metals sub looks just as empty..
Im looking for anyone in the UK who can recommend the better place(s) to buy known steels. I only place somewhat locally that sells any tool or HS steels is Cromwells, its great that i finally found somewhere after months of searching but the website is a bit chaotic, and i don't really know UK steel grades as most of it online is US grades, ie- 1095. 
 I know of a few of the bigger names such a westyorksteel but it seems pricey even before considering postage across the country.
What recommendations would people make ? Bare-in-mind i don't have drive so i can only get so far and the only steel supplier in that range supplies mostly to construction so its all mild, generic stock.
Thank you 

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Their are a number of tool steel suppliers who will deliver small lengths to your door also their websites will give detail comparisons on UK and other countries steel nomenclature for comparison, as well as the metals appropriate charecteristics for forging and heat treating,

I would suggest trying here for starters Commercial link removed

Or if you can get to Westpoint, we have some stock of EN 24, EN 46, D2, and H13 that we use for toolmaking courses

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22 hours ago, KingAether said:

Think westpoint would be a bit far but i might have a friend who still lives out that way and visits occasionally. Could you please link to the others you know of, as stated in the OP, westyork seems a little pricey in general. Thank you 

Just google tool steel suppliers, if you want known quality tool steel expect to pay for it, some delivery charges may add to costs, West yorks may seem pricey but I like their excellent service and approachability if you have a problem.

Apologies to the site administrators for including a commercial link

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