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I Forge Iron

I love this look, any ideas on how?

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This is more of a look than a finish (apologies if this is in the wrong section, feel free to correct me)

I have no idea how to create this look. I am very interested in both the texture (distressed? antiqued?) and the rough worn blackish look.

In the picture below I am asking about the large flat square piece on the door, not the handles.

I spent several hours scouring youtube and various forums and still have no idea how to make this distressed/aged 3D look. Amazing work there, some of the best I have seen. My 'thing' is architectural blacksmithing)

Many thanks to anyone who can offer any insight into how this is done :D



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It looks like an "as forged" finish that they weren't particularly interested in trying to get very smooth and maybe even put a few random dings in it with a ball pien hammer as it cooled instead of trying to smooth it out. A dip in chlorine bleach or swimming peroxide will make it quickly rust.  



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I have seen that texture in my own work after not brushing off scale during forging from the anvil or the part. Pickel in vinigar when done but be lazy and forget it in there for a week it will increase the pitting. 


Then finish after a wash and base neutralize with bakingsoda



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