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Need some help troubleshooting. The burner I made is basically a carbon copy of this one here. I used a .035” welding tip, and from the brass I connected a 10ft propane hose rated for home use I believe, and from there I have a hose to connect to my 5 gallon propane tank. Is this a pressure issue? Is my regulator not giving enough propane or is this an air intake issue? It sputters and doesn’t roar like the others I’ve seen.



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Regulators for BBQ grills are usually set to give 10-11 inches of water column(under 1/2 PSI).  Most of these burners need 10 to 40 times that pressure.

Most of us are using a 0-20 PSI regulator or a 0-30 PSI regulator.  You can get 0-60 PSI on some of the blacksmithing sites but I have never pushed past 30.  I usually run 5 for forging and 10 for welding but I have heard of several people who regularly use 20-30 PSI.  

If you amazon/ebay search for a turkey fryer regulator, a qcc regulator or just high pressure propane regulator, there are several low cost versions out there.  Some with gauges and steel braided hoses.  You have to verify the pressure range and fuel gas.  I have one of the cheaper ones and they work.  If you have the money, spend the money to buy a quality regulator(Something like a Bayou or Marshall).  They aren't that much more expensive and they are worth the extra.

I have my cheaper regulator for a mobile forge and as a loaner.  I have good regulators for everything else.  

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