Natural gas FARB gas injection?

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Hello everyone! I just started building my first forced air ribbon burner forge that will be ran on residential natural gas. My question is what is the best way to set up the gas orifice? I've looked around on here for an answer but can't find it yet. I'm running 2" pipe so I know the orifice has to be 18" from the burner but would it be ok for the orifice to be 26 inches away and what is the minimum size for a gas supply line I can run? Thank you!

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Forced air burners have different characteristics than NA burners. You don't need the same length of mixing tube if you set your gas discharge in a configuration that encourages mixing (either perpendicular or counter to the blower outlet direction). You can also put extra bends in your mixed fuel/air chamber to induce turbulence. 

That part is relatively easy. The difficult thing is deciding the NG line size you need. That is related to the actual gas pressure you have (residential can vary in a range), how long a gas line you run, and the BTUH rating of your burner.  For example, I  have a 1 1/2" line run underground some 100' feet to my detached shop, then a 1" line plumbed directly to my burner mixer.  I'm using a commercial burner, but homebuilts wouldn't be that much different. 

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