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After going through and hunting Ebay, the British members are right, you can still get hold of it, not from your local supermarket anymore.

I finished off the pine stand, looks lovely. Got it nice and flat with a quick router jig. Even welded up a couple of hammer racks for the side.

Frosty, the only thing I will say is no, Brexit has not helped with anything. And I'll refrain from saying anything more on my views of that due to the forums rules on political content :)

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Hello All;


Yup, I live in the EU, and yup, they banned borates. 

reference here: EU law banned borates without exception

It's about tooth whitening cosmetic use, and the dentists wanted it banned I guess to have more customers. The fact that Borax is almost entirely USA-produced Probably has something to do with it too :D 

Anyhow, there still are sources for borax, most notably ceramic supplies, or metal casting hobby shops. They will run out sooner or later, but since pure borax has a unlimited shelf life and is dirt-cheap, they usually store a lot. Borax prices have also increased, probably caused by it.

I don't believe for a second it has negative fertility effects; besides the fact that borax is used in forgings and castings, but are typically somewhat dangerous. If you've had a legvise handle in your groin once, you'll know how bad for your fertility forging actually is. Nothing to do with borax. 

Anyhow; I've stocked up on 100 pounds of borax, which will last a couple dozen of lifetimes given my current usage.


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I’ve used pine for my beating stump and it was my stand for my striking anvil.  Only xxxx knows how many hot plugs dropped in the hardy hole and smoldered.   Ponderosa pine is tough stuff and doesn’t burn aswell as other pines.   Lodge pole I wouldn’t use

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glad you have managed to locate some, its handy to have around for flux so it wont be wasted if you get too much. 

once i have some time ill have to check what my new anvil stand is, my dad dropped a log off last weekend but i didnt pay any attention as to what is was. im sure it will be fine though and i can at least get things the right height.


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I don't see tin or steel sheet metal as necessary.  Anything hot dropped on it would scorch and smoke but that is about all.  I think it is fine looking set up but I wonder what use the pipe wrench would be.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."  

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Agreed, I don't think tin cover would be anything but a distraction. You'll notice wood smoke and remove whatever's doing it long before any damage occurs. You can also drill holes to hold your: punch, veiner, chisel, etc. in a handy location and position.

I wondered about the pipe wrench too but not much. I figure one of two things, it was just a handy tool to hang in the rack to show how useful they are, OR it's what he uses to twist, maybe the teeth are ground smooth. 

All round it's a nice setup, I'd be happy to work on it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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