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I Forge Iron

Buffalo forge blower (Bufco)

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O.k. to start off I picked this up from a fellow worker at work who was cleaning out his Grandpas Shed.

it would not rotate so I offered him 25 bucks and he said sold.

I knocked out a dirt dabbers nest and it spins. YES!!

took it home and opened it up and this is what it looks like !

Oh it came with the original tripod all so.

I was wondering if I got a good deal and exactly what do I have here?

and can any one point me to some one that knows how to take it apart and clean it and the proper lube to use in it?

Thank you all for any info you can give me!












OH and one other thing ,

Should I repaint it or leave it as is?



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I'd say you got a very good deal.

I wouldn't take it apart any more than you have already, unless there is a problem with the gears. Take some kerosene or diesel fuel with a brush and wash out all of the grease someone put in it. They were designed to run on oil, just about any will do. You add oil through the plug in the top of the cover. I use chainsaw bar oil with a little STP mixed in or 80 wt gear lube, others have used 30 wt motor oil and transmission fluid (think trans fluid is a little too light wt). Do not over fill it or it will leak like a sieve.:) . It is a splash system and only needs enough oil for the lower gear teeth to run in the oil.

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Taking one apart is like rebuilding a car engine.  It can be done; but is generally the last thing one would try and even then folks often just buy a new/rebuilt engine instead.

For blowers this is because the gears have often worn into place and unless you can get them exactly the way they were they may jam or even break.

when I used my browser to search on: oil for a blower site:iforgeiron.com I got 737 hits.  This has been discussed at length here before.

(Personally I use the light machine oil  that we use to lube the swamp coolers; mainly as my wife buys a new bottle each year and we use probably a couple of tablespoons for the coolers...Heavy oil/grease makes it too hard to crank---especially in cold weather. Overfilling leaves a puddle, my shop has dirt floors, not an issue; but a Al roasting pan full of kitty litter is suggested for fancy shops!)

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I concur with Irondragon- clean the crud as you have it now, put it back together and lube. Only if there seems to be a problem at this point do I consider more apart- taking. Then again, you might be more mechanically inclined than I am, so have fun. That was a good deal you got there. Painting is a personal decision. I wirebrushed mine then spilled oil on it, and decided it was good to go like that.


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