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This one is my second blade. My first was a rail spike so almost doesn’t count lol. This one is from a truck leaf spring and is a gift for my sister who is my biggest supporter. She asked for a chefs knife or a cleaver. This is good for both. It has an 8” blade with a 3” belly. 13” overall. Contoured handle made from a rescued old growth sledge hammer handle. Polished to a 3000 grit same as the blade. Heavily oiled with BLO. 


For number two im super happy. Took it to work today and will cut scallions and ginger like warm butter so I’m happy. 


Constructive review hugely appreciated. 






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Wow, I haven't seen an old Shop Smith in a long time.  I remember those infomercials on saturday mornings in the late 70's. (before infomercial was a word)

The knife shows some improvement over the first.  Fit and finish are pretty rough, but you knew that already.  Focus on one aspect of your next one and make that aspect as good as you can.  Do that each time, and you'll make good progress.

I suspect you are shaping your handles on that 1x30.  I've messed up more handles with a belt grinder than I care to admit.  I do most of my handle shaping with rasps and files now.  It goes pretty quickly, and allows for much finer control.  You might consider giving that a try.

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