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Dear all,

After more than a year of 'radio silence' and an IFI sabbatical, I would like to report back in this beautiful forum.

Obviously I have you followed all this time and am aware of important developments and active newcomers who are happy to contribute and which certainly provide added value and enrich this forum again.

As for the old acquaintance,

-Jennifer what a great new building that arises and offers room for countless possibilities.

-John is amazing how the 'precious' is increasingly taking shape and performing its work.

-Aric, unbelievable, always working on new ideas and creations to enrich the income of a young and up-and-coming family.

-Ausfire you are, -and remain a source of inspiration for me, why you will see in the photos below (spin-off Cassowary).

Because of the neighbours’ quarrel that you may still be familiar with, I focused last year on making scrap sculptures that you see regularly here (and in my case maybe a little bit bigger), but also their marketing and commercialization (less noisy). Since end 2018 I have been affiliated with +/- 9 art exhibitions in Belgium and abroad with the aim of selling my works and raising the know-how and equipment of the forge to a higher level.

The forging activities were unfortunately limited to 'Demos' during events, but at the same time I was busy increasing the supply of tools with, for example, the purchase of a third UAT anvil of 300 Lbs for the shop, which now results in a stock of 4 anvils, 3 solid fuel forge and 3 gasser's and associated equipment (pliers, hardy’s and hammers) for 4 work stations.

Below you will find some photos of the new creations, the new equipment and atmospheric impressions of some of the demos.

The fire ant and the owl have already been sold to France and Belgium. The cassowary and the mosquito will hopefully soon be placed in the atrium of a well-known Belgian real estate company. As you can see, in the past year I have focused on a certain payback from a rather expensive hobby that until now has only been paid for by my income from employment. Time to reap the benefits off all our efforts, right?

Happy to be back and, if appreciated, to anticipate the various forum discussions. Cheers, Hans





Fire Ant LI 1.jpg

Wisdom Owl 1.jpg


Smeden met Myrto.jpg




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Hans, we have missed you. 

Truely Awesome sculptures! Hah, my phone has been pretty broken for a bit. Replacement showed up today, and I got it set up mostly. How great that I get to see you back And with such awesome work. Congrats, and welcome back. Well deserved that you are getting some payback for your effort. Also thank you for the kind words. 

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Almost done, the 'Witte Raaf' (White Raven), again the balance of indicating and omitting. This beast is also ready to cuddle after a final bath in varnish or double boiled linseed oil. The pedestal must again be made simple from sober materials so as not to distract from the creature. Be sure that the raven will find a good place in our (or other people's) steampunk world. By the way, Lisa is already claiming him for her rooms, but I am not sure if there is still enough room between all the accumulated trash of my beloved junk maker;).




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The White Raven or better "Evolution" ;) is now completely ready. Made a simple pedestal for him. The plateau again finished in shou sugi ban and double-boiled linseed oil. Raven and pedestal brushed and sealed with clear varnish. So the pure steel color, the patina and the mill skin will hopefully be preserved for a long time. And beware don't touch his catch :unsure:.

David - I think the shipping costs alone are worth more than material and working time together, but if you wish, I can send you detailed photos and you can put together your own raven :D.

Dear Aric - the base of the pedestal is made of a car clutch plate, perhaps a new destination for some parts of the Jeep :P. But without fooling around, I hope that in the meantime your car  it is running well again.

R 1.jpg

R 2.jpg

R 3.jpg

R 4.jpg

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Thank you Chris for your nice response. Very happy that you like my creations. Apologies for the late responses, but given that English is not my native language, it requires some work every time to formulate an appropriate response. I sincerely hope that this is NOT seen as rude by some forum members because my contributions sometimes take time and effort to add something meaningful to some posts including pictures and others. Had understood that you too have been absent from this wonderful website for a while, but am glad that you too are back. Read your comments and feedback with much pleasure.

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Your ability to translate your language into ours is very good.  You need not apologize.  I can't imagine anyone here taking your delayed responses as "rude".

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Last weekend I did the final work on the latest creation, the 'steampunk shark submarine'. Work for a large pump manufacturer who wanted to see scrap parts from his own pumps incorporated into the artwork. This creature too is very cuddly and invites you to go on a journey of discovery with your hands and eyes. First of all the last work for the animal collection (8 pcs), I think I am going to forge it again (titanium knives) and bronze casting (face cast of my daughter Lisa) :rolleyes:

Shark 2 low res.jpg

Shark 3 low res.jpg

Shark 4 low res.jpg

Shark 1 low res.jpg

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Thank you Chris for the exclamation marks. I really appreciate this. Thomas thanks for the suggestion but he already has his last undigested meal (flying fish) in his mouth. Think more about a nail manicure to cheer up your black forge hands. Do you also think this is your permission?:P

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Welcome back, Hans!  Your work, as usual, is utterly fantastic!

What I would also be interested in seeing is your scrap (er, I mean "resource") pile.  Your assortment of parts and pieces is mind-boggling.

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Hi Arkie, I have the opportunity and the blessing to be in contact with many customers whose welder manuals I have ever written. In exchange for a few crates of Belgian beer, I have their permission to occasionally 'dive' into their scrap bins. Am also friends with a schoolmaster of a technical-creative school whose trainees dismantle production lines that are no longer active. That gives me the opportunity to make a hand out of special scrap items that would otherwise end up irrevocably in the melting furnaces of a scrap recycling company. That starts with special stainless steel valves from the food industry and ends with titanium F 16 jetfighter turbine blades. Unluckily, it is not always the scrap that I need to complete an ongoing project-_-.

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