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This was filmed way back in May just after I made the tomahawk mandrel video..  I haven't been feeling inspired to produce videos so this video has minimal edits. 1 to be exact.  Been to busy with other things. 

I left in all the mistakes. :) which I usually do.  It's part of the fun. 


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On 12/1/2019 at 7:48 PM, MilwaukeeJon said:

Many thanks. Love your videos. The colonial fork video was a real game changer for me, especially being able to see your wonderful hammering skills. 

Your welcome.  I love that video too.  I love seeing metal move and that video is a good one to see that.  

5 hours ago, bill duckworth said:

Your hand finished forging detail is amazing, I tried several from some raps and the gas forge was producing to much scale and not quite getting hot enough,  I'm going to make a makeshift coal forge and try again 

thanks.  A coal forge can offer some some advantages but having good coal can be helpful.  Some of todays modern gas forges though are pretty amazing.  let me know how you make out with the new setup.   I personally kinda go old school with limiting the main part to mild steel.  I don't think in 30+ years of forging that I have ever made one completely out of a rasp. LOL. Never even thought about it. :) 

2 hours ago, CrazyGoatLady said:

Thanks for making another great video. Your skill never ceases to amaze me. 

Ah shucks.  Now your making me blush. :)    

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I mean it. You make it look easy and the way you swing a hammer, it looks as though it's literally a part of you. Lofty as it is, I want to be able to do the same thing:) 

Thomas, that is great about your hawk being displayed like that. I'd consider it a great privaledge to have something I made that people might admire for years to come

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Thank you so much !. I am new here and still learning how to navigate the site. But I thoroughly enjoyed your video. A question, if I may. Why did you quench the anvil ? Was it to harden the tomahawk head a bit ? As you can see. I am pretty much inexperienced in blacksmithing. My dad and grand dad were blacksmiths and I learnt a little from them but not nearly enough. 


Kind regards,


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Hi, welcome to the IFI site. 

   There are 2 reasons to put water on top of the anvil when working metal..   

1, To keep the anvil cool (not to lose hardness in the face).

 2, to blow scale off as a cleaning method..  When hot flat steel goes onto the wet anvil the water is super heated and creates steam.  When you hit it with the hammer this steam will force the scale and flux to come lose.  Its handy and works well. 

Well, there is plenty of information here and information on the JLP services Inc youtube channel..  

Today there is a wealth of information online so it's a good time to be involved. 

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