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I Forge Iron

How does my forge set up look?


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Finally, got my forge moved into the shop.  We hooked the vents up to the Chimney. We lit a fire with some wood, to test the draw of the chimney, and the chimney works but it did get smokey. 

Next week, I need to patch the old hole in the chimney. Hopefully that should help with the smoke.  I'm also going to put some roxul insulation behind the forge and chimney and some Hardy backer, which I believe is rated for fire.  Its nice, the place his a high block foundation.. The chimney has only an 8inch flue, so hopefully that is ok. I will light an actual coal fire in it next week. 

Is there anything you see wrong with my set up?  Besides the hole in the chimney obviously..



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That is true, and something I've thought about.  But I will just work with what I have for now.. This is in a room off my brothers garage.. Hopefully in a few years I have my own place and can set up there.

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Good job, it looks like a good install but I have to agree with how limited access is. Rotating it 45* clockwise will improve the issue and not take up any more of your Brother's garage. I like your Brother already so not imposing more than necessary is a really good idea. Kudos to you both. :)

Having a place of your own is a mixed blessing but worth it. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the responses... Here is a picture of the outside.It is attached to his garage, that actually looks like an old barn but was built in the 1980s, with wood from the saw mill right down the road. We recently re-roofed it them small room, (I obviously paid for it).


When my brother bought the house,  our plumber came up and my brother was showing him around and when he brought him the little room our plumber said "whats going in here a blacksmith shop"... My brother laughed and said "actually yes".  There are no neighbors, only an apartment complex 500 feet away separated by trees. That is just a shed or something for the complex, behind the trees...


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