Columbian vise

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Have a old Columbian 504-2A vise. Wondering what it’s worth? It’s in tip top shape. Everything works great. Nothing bent on it 

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So I have an old ford car what is it worth?  Why can't you tell me?

What we need to know:

Location: Wolfe city TX, USA

Make: Columbian (Is that marked on the vise or only on the mounting bracket; or both?)

Width of Jaws: ???

Condition of body: ??? Cracks bends, offsets, repairs?

Type of body:  Gracile or robustus---I have vises that have the same jaw width but one weighs about twice as much as the other.

Condition of screw and screwbox: ???    (These are the "engine and transmission" of the vise)  Does the screw have sharp square corners? Cracks? Worn sections?

Pictures of the vise and of the screw and screwbox are the easiest way to provide the data we need.  (There has been a number of examples when someone said something was "good" when they didn't know it was actually quite avoid that type of thing.)

4" jaw vises seem to be the most common while 6" are more difficult to find and over 6" gets into the still rarer area.


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I have a columbian vise that i have owned for 30 plus years that looks identical to that one except that next to the branding is a spot  that could be punched with stamps the model #

Mine has 6" wide jaws.   My guess is that this does also.  If it does have 8" wide jaws send me a PM with your contact info Lavan . My " Little Columbian" has always wanted a BIG brother and you are not to far from me.


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