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Atlas forge does not reach forge welding heat


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I purchased an atlas prototype v4 forge a few months back and no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get this thing to heat up to a welding heat. If I block it up too much with fire brick, the burner sputters, if I leave it open enough for a consistent flame, I reach an orange heat at best. This is the second burner they sent me after the first one would not consistently keep a flame and would constantly fail sending a flame out of the pressure reader thing. Does Atlas make bad forges and I was dumb enough to buy one? or am I likely doing something wrong? I run the burner off a typical 20lb propane tank.

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Good Morning Devan,

Find someone close to you and have them look at your set-up. There are so many things that can cause that, some 20 lbs. Propane Valves have a restricter that only allow so much flow. You may have to 'T' two bottles together to get sufficient flow. Talk to the Propane Shop that re-valves bottles in your area, they will know if your bottle has a restricter. The burner is not always where the hiccup is, sometimes you have to hold your tongue halfway out of the side of your mouth at the same time as rubbing your chin!!! LOL  I always get a giggle when someone is complaining about not getting to a welding heat. Very Rarely does a forge need to work at that temperature, It HAS TO get your material to an orange heat, so you can Forge your material. A little patience and you will learn how to adjust for different situations.

Good Luck, Neil

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