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J.C. Onions anvil

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I came across an J.C. Onions 220lbs anvil. 
In the US. I cannot find any information on J.C.Onions anvils. I understand the company merged with all days in the late 1800s. I’m fairly confident this Anvil predates that merger. Are there any others Who have the JC onions Anvils. And can you share possibly some history? 


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A quick Google search turned up this. Seems it's an old one in very good shape.



1885 Company formed by the merger of William Allday and Sons Ltd with John C. Onions Ltd as Alldays and Onions Ltd[2]


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Thank you all for your input. I have read all the information you attached. However, I’m still hoping to find out more. When you review the information the only Anvil advertised for John C onions was an 1847 but in the advertisement there was no part number attached to it. Just the anvil stand. 
I was toying with the idea of restoring it but because of the potential scarcity of the maker I’m really hesitant to do anything. 





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20 minutes ago, Jack Lewis Jr. said:

I’m really hesitant to do anything. 

The best course of action for that anvil. From the picture it is in very good condition and restoring it will do more harm than good. All it needs is hot steel hammered on it to shine up the hardened face.

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