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How old is my Anvil?

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Picture?  I've seen anvils that folks called good condition that I called scrap.  Beware anvils that have been ground or milled or welded on as many times that will make the nice shiny sharp edged anvil SCRAP!

Also location, anvils tend to be cheaper in England and more expensive in Australia; where you are at we haven't a clue.

Where I am at; I would expect the minimum to be US$2 a pound and the max to be around US$6 a pound; but I would advise a student to not pay more than $3 unless it was exceptional.

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U.S. based


Randy Griffin.......too funny. That's actually where that's sat for 20-30 years I'll bet.

Mostly during winter months, in the evenings my father-in-law would sit in front of that anvil for hours on end listening to the radio or watching outdoors shows or Lawrence Welk on TV and crack hickory nuts or walnuts. He would crack them and put them in a pan for my mother in law to pick out the nuts from the hulls. They'd then pack the nuts in used peanut cans and put them in the freezer. The nuts would be used mostly for baking and shared among many family members. Old traditions.......my father in law passed 10 years ago, my mother in law just passed 2 months ago. 

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I'm sorry to hear of their passing. we never know what we have until it's gone.

Lawrence Welk - Wow - that's a childhood memory. LOL

I've eaten hickory nuts but never cracked them and picked them out for baking. Don't know why, they're delicious. I have a tree in the pasture. I think I'll get some.

Hang on to that anvil and cherish it. And keep that chair. It's a good one. :lol: 

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"US based" is still too broad. You don't need to give us your address or specific latitude/longitude, but different areas of the US may be 'rich in anvils, other areas are 'poor', which affects their value. Right here in SEPA /Phila area that anvil in that condition could fetch $3 US per pound easily.


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