Champion 405 forge makeover

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So looking for some advice after poking through some of these threads. I got a stellar deal on this forge that is all in all in pretty good shape- though as you can see it’s really a rivet forge and not set up for traditional smithing. 

In your opinion, should I cut out this tuyere and drop in a firepot or should I pack refractory cement in here and form a fire bowl up? 

Obviously new to smithing so I have 0 opinion on the matter- hoping to defer to everyone’s experience. 



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You don't need a firepot. Look how high the pass-throughs are. You want the sweet spot of the fire to be there. 

Oh, and you can use clay, dirt, etc. from the nearest ditch or a hole in your yard to form your fire bowl.  Bentonite clay kitty litter or oil dry would be cheap acceptable options for clay as well if you have nowhere to dig.  No refractory needed. 

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Added clay info.

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Thank you all for the advice. I’ll get to firing this thing up this weekend!

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