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HALL forge tripple burner


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Hi everyone, I am quite new to blacksmithing and was wondering any opinions on this forge I am looking into buying.



Hall Knife and Forge build high-quality blacksmithing forges. These small portable propane-fueled gas forges are often used by modern-day farriers and many blacksmiths.

Propane fueled triple burner ovens can heat metal to a glowing red temperature in approximately 1 minute, perfect when time is of the essence.

Operation is easy and designed for low noise, and say goodbye to the harmful pollutants and smoke that coal forges provide. The firebrick liner is completely replaceable.

Available in the manual start and electric start.




Any input is very much appreciated!

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Does it reach forge welding temps?  Does the interior resist flux?  Do they have reline kits for it and if so how much?

Is it aspirated or blown?  Does it come with regulator and hose? If so, what range is the regulator?  Will the fittings fit your tank(s)?

What is shipping on it? Are you in the same country or might there be customs issues?

Basic questions that HAVE to be answered about a forge purchase. Along with what do you want to use it for. I note it says "small" and doesn't give any dimensions.  Looks like it's designed for farrier work, is that what you want to use it for?

Mikey, it's probably Canadian dollars...


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I looked at the site.  It seems expensive to me, but I make my own.  The whole thing would cost you about $150-200 US or so to build...if you have the tools, skills, desire, and time.  

Burner parts on it are basically stuff from hardware store - black pipe, fittings, etc. It's naturally aspirated with an interesting jet and mixing tube assembly made from a black pipe and large nut welded on sideways.  It's a farriers forge with opening side - nice for working odd shapes if that's your desire.  

My issue is there is so little info on it.  No dimensions are listed, so we don't know what the internal size or Cu In volume is.  No info on the burner, which is of a type I've never seen.  No info on the lining material, etc.

To compare to other 3 burner forges on the market (a quick google lookup): a Majestic 3 burner is $450 US, Diamondback makes an equivalent one for $600, NC tool co knife maker 21 is around $800, and the Chili Forge Chili Grand 3 burner is $2000 US, and $500 for a Devil forge.  So the price is up there with the well established NC Tool Co's forges.  There are a number that cost less, and the Chili forge is amazingly expensive!

Do you know anyone who owns this forge?  Can you call the company to get some referrals to talk to some owners?



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