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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok every 1 in OZ .

Just a reminder that MOONY'S " Get HAMMERED " is on next weekend

Would be great ta see youse all there

Those that are traveling from interstate please drive carefully , wanna be able ta ave'a tinnie or 10 with youse

Any others who ain't decided till the last minute will be welcome

Dale Russell

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Well i made it home safely :)

What a weekend , plenty of iron bashing , LOT'S of BEER ( yep , ever knocked back a " few " with Phil :) )

Many thanks to the blokes who banged out the stainless steel leaves i brought up , IanR , Mick , John / Jocko58 , Matt & the rest i can't remember names of

Also to MOONY for letting me bash out some stainless steel branches ( & Phil who helped with some & the hammer tips )

Once again MOONY for lettin' me " play " on the 7 ctw Massey on the 25 mm stainless ( bit of a overkill yeah )

I think every 1 had a fun time , 1 young smith ( John / Jocko58's son ) Darren aged 13 stole the limelite . Got his fist commission job , a pair of tongs from Eden , a 1 lb " MOONY " made hammer , then MOONY set too & pounded out a 25 kg anvil outta 4140 for him

Gonna need the rest of the week to recover from this , sleep wern't high on my list of things ta do ...... :)

Gotta start plannin' for next yr

Thanks MOONY for puttin' this on for us

Dale Russell

p.s ... sorry , no pictures , was too busy , but i know the others took a HEAP , hang 5 & they'll be posted soon

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Great to hear it went well. Was on my way down with trailer in tow and got hit by an idiot who ran a red light. Car was bent, trailer is a mess and my smithing and camping gear was scattered all over. Lost some tongs and a hammer and my blower is now a heap of sh*t/broken, lots of camping gear was never found and what is left is now in a panel beaters yard waiting for me to get back to pick it up. Got back home about 10pm on Saturday night :(

His excuse. He had driven down from QLD that night and was tired. Now it's my problem.

I feel better after that little rant.......................................

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Rob , it's been a LOT worse then this , i'll live .

Mate , ifin youse need any gear replacin' let me know & i'll try help out ok
Is a bugger about your blower . Was talkin' ta some 1 over the weekend that said they had 3 blower & wern't usin' em anymore cos they went electic ... just gotta dig through the fog of the weekend to remember who ( know he was in NSW thou )

Pity he wern't insured , hope yours can / will replace at least some of your lost gear
Looked each time ta see ifin i's knew the head as each car / 4 x 4 / ute rocked up .
I wonder if MOONY would lend you the armoured scout car for next yr ... :)

Dale Russell

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You need third party insurance not the property bit. My insurance will chase him but its a hassle I didn't want/need. Now just to get back there to pick up my stuff if it hasn't been nobbled out of the yard, it caused a lot of interest when dragged in. A friend has lent me their ute for Saturday so a quick trip is in order.


The box bellows is underway already. Its something I can do in the evenings so shouldn't take too long. Might even see if I can set up a motor on it, now that would be a bit fancy :)

See ya

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