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New old power hammer (Kerrihard)

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I recently have been able to snatch this Kerrihard from a very awesome guy. This is kind of blowing my mind because everything (except for the body) is forged. All the arms and pivots (I dont know what they are really called) at least seem to be forged from what I can see. From what I have seen online is that the parts are cast on all Kerrihards (30# model). I have a hunch that this may be a prototype but this is my first power hammer and I have no idea. Any help or insight on Kerrihard would be awesome or if you know why this thing has forged parts, even better. 







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In the emporium it says the Kerriehard hammers were produced into the 1940s then discontinued. All the arms shafts and pins are calendered steel (a term I've never heard of) and the head & guide are cast steel. Looking at the pictures in the Emporium, I would say some smith hand forged the parts.

It's a sad note that Grant Sarver passed away, he could have told you all about the Kerrihard and just about any other hammer you could think of.

If you don't have the books you local library can get them through ILL (inter library loan)..

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