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Gottcha! I didn't know the term but I'm familiar with the basics. Almost anything can out run a human but a human can walk anything into the ground if s/he's "persistent." I don't think I've ever heard a term applied though I've read about it enough times. 

Thanks for lifting my dimness a little. :)

Frosty The Lucky.

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The ways canines do it. The pack moseys along while the runners keep the prey moving, switching out regularly. Experienced packs run the prey in circles so the resting pack can cut the chord and replace the runners more frequently. It's a better economy of food vs. labor. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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I make all my hammer handles the old fashioned way of splitting them out of a log or thick board and then aligning the grain and using a draw knife carve the desired shape into the handle. 

i then use a piece of glass or sharp edged sheet metal to scrape the surface for the finish.  I then put on some mineral oil or linseed oil and call it quits with a good through polishing rub down. 

i have found doing the handle this way automatically puts lines into them as the fibers are compressed or elongated depending on the woods density vs abraded away which care little for density differences. 

Splinters are not a problem nor is the hand turning black from using a charred handle. Which I have used on someone elses hammer to come away with a blackened hand. 

years ago I used to do an hot linseed oil bath with the handles before installation but found they still shrunk over time. 

you can see the height difference in grain. Kinda cool also where knots were and the like. 



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