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Ribbon Burner with 336 - 1/8" holes

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16 hours ago, Frosty said:

I'd be thinking of pushing Kaowool into the holes till it's blocked closer to the plenum but ceramic blanket can be infiltrated by the FAM so ramming hard refractory to plug them is probably what you'll need to do.

This might be a good application for moldable ceramic refractory. I don't remember the brand name. Kaowool or inswool. I just found out about this product the other day while reading through the gas forge section. I haven't used it before but the description I read makes me think it might be a viable option for this.


Inswool ceramic fiber moldable caulking putty. I found it in LouL's post consolidated notes for first time forge builders. Someone might want to look into making a burner block from it also. Once again I'm just spit balling I really have no idea if it would be suitable or not so take it for what it is worth.

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On 10/9/2019 at 3:36 AM, pnut said:

Inswool ceramic fiber moldable caulking putty.

Good thoughts!  I used something similar years ago for a furnace nozzle.  It worked great, and is a good idea for molding a burner head.  easy to put in place and punch holes in before dry, works like clay as I remember.  It's a high temp refractory as I recall.  

But I don't have any now, and want to use what I have, especially for such a small amount - I have all sorts of refractories and clays to play with and plug some holes.  Just takes time...


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I got the new blower i hit welding temp no problem i played around with the fuel air mix for awhile one thing i did was get the nozzle red hot im thinking to much fuel.After a few adjustments i got it runnin pretty good and no red nozzle. 

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Replugged the center holes, leaving 8 rows (4 on either side) of [email protected]  So 192 holes total.  Basically it's like having two side by side long burners.  Not much hassle getting it to heat.  Needed to run it at 15lbs and a little rich until it got up to 2000F, then it was fine.  No singing anymore!  Ran it a few hours and worked on a wrought iron viking axe I'm making for a friends wedding.


It's a forced air, running with two .040 jets (so it's consumption at various pressures is equivalent to two 3/4" burners).  Forge is about 320-350 cu inches (about 4.5 x 5 x 14" long).  Once up to heat (takes a little time since it has a Mizzou refractory shelf), I was running it at about 3 lbs a little rich and it was holding at 2300 or so for regular forging (I was forging wrought so I was going hot).  If I brought it up to 5-6 lbs, it was going over my 2400F max on my digital pyrometer.  Seems really really efficient!  Also seems like it may still be a little overpowered for the forge.  

I'll take some pics when I play today.

Also, got a movie of the flames singing.  We'll see if it downloads...Nope. Didn't. I'll have to figure it out. You can see the flames vibrating when it sings...very cool to see the harmonics.



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