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What's a reasonable price for a no. 400 Champion blower in the Midwest?


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I'm looking at clearing a bunch of space on my selves and have a swap meet comming up in my area. 

What do you guys think a good buy me now price would be for a dirty but working champion no. 400 blower around Ohio? Ebay antique sellers have really inflated the internet prices unfortunately. Is $100 about right? 

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A reasonable price is the lowest price you can find one for in a reasonable amount of time. Online sellers are going to be twice (or more) what you'll find a decent / old, but functional Champion 400 blower for from a blacksmith's event. There are some smithing associations that have annual events where they do tailgate equipment sales for far less $$ than you'll find this stuff selling for online. I looked for the past couple years -- couldn't find anything under $400 -- almost always with issues and missing important pieces -- then I connected with another smith who had one he was willing to part with for $275 -- all original, 100% complete -- with the tripod post stand which is often missing -- and everything works -- gears in good shape, just the typical surface rust and worn wood handle (all restorable) -- so I gladly gave him the $275 he was asking. I'd suggest you do your best to connect with other blacksmiths in your area and find local events where they sell stuff -- probably going to be your best bet. In terms of cost / value perspective, these things sold between $28 and $35 back in 1905. Adjusting for inflation, that money today is between $800-$1100 USD -- so imagine that's what one would cost new -- take half off for the age and wear -- this suggests $400-$500 is 'reasonable', but you can do better. Most of the established guys who got their gear back in the day will be horrified at those prices, but a thing is "worth" what someone will pay for it and if people are paying those prices, you've got a challenge finding one for less. When you do eventually find one, inspect the gears first, if possible -- especially the bronze gear that interfaces with the spiral worm gear on the shaft -- that one wears quicker than the rest. You want good full, sharp teeth. Be reeeeally careful taking it apart, if you decide to clean it out and fix it up. "Blacksmith Joey van der Steeg" has a good video series (long, but worth it) on how to do a full restoration on one -- as does Hand Tool Rescue, but watch out for people who stop the gears from turning by putting a screwdriver through them -- the bronze gear can bend and then you've ruined a nice antique. Also -- no heavy grease in the gears or bearings -- light oil works fine. Good luck!

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I know the regional differences affect things but around here,  (not insane) people are asking about $ 250 and they are moderately slow to go, but do still sell eventually...those just under $ 200 seem to be picked up pretty quickly.  Assumes good working order, tripod legs there though that is not a major part of the price a they aren't hard to duplicate.  The rarer cast single leg base is a really nice upgrade and gets a pretty good premium.

I'd say your $ 100 figure is a bit low unless you want it gone in the next 30 minutes (or it needs a hospital visit)

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