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Oxy Acetylene Torch Holder/Gas Saver Stands


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This is my design for a gas saver/mobile torch stand. When you step on the red pedal, it raises the yoke to keep the torch lite for hands free operation. It was made completely out of scrap which influenced some of my design choice but to be honest it works a treat. I added the brass hook to the torch body so it will work with all my torch heads.

Hope this helps have a great night,


Torch 2.JPG

Torch 1.JPG

Torch 3.JPG

Torch 4.JPG

Torch 5.JPG

Torch 6.JPG

Torch 7.JPG

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I wouldn't be without my gas saver. I have no special setup for it. When not in use, all the hose and gas saver are kept on my bottles which have a permanent location.

I use them in two locations in my shop. By my 5'x10'x1" layout table and by my post vice. The gas saver is mounted on a 2" angle iron. I clamp this to my table with vice grips.

When I'm at my post vice I have an adjustable portable stand that I can clamp the angle iron to.

When not in use, all hose is hung by the bottles.

For what it's worth ox/actl is a little used but important tool in my shop.

Primary use for ox/actl in my shop is setting collars, heading rivits, and adding a  localized heat to forged right angle bends and twists.

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