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9 inch angle grinder


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I have a Makita 9 inch angle grinder which I don’t like using because of the risk. 

I am using a smaller grinder with electronic braking, deadman switch and speed control for cutting and grinding and I have a bench stand for a smaller (100mm) grinder and wondered if there is a way of repurposing the 9 inch grinder.


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I think the 9" grinder is one of the most usefull metal working tools...they need guards  and apropriat PPE and need to be used carefully but I use mine on a daily basis I have one set up for cutting and one for grinding and one with a cup wheel for hogging. like a power hammer they are potentially dangerous but also like a power hammer they can do a lot of work and be used with precision.

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Keep the 9 inch for the appropriate size Jobs. They were made that size for a reason. When you try to re-purpose the 9 inch, you are getting into areas it was not designed to do.  Purchase a smaller grinder for the small stuff. Each has its place.

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