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Switchable magnet for grinding?


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I might be the last guy to get the memo on these, but I took a $27 chance on it at Harbor Freight. Like most people who weld, I use the standard non-switching welding magnets a lot, and they are extremely handy, but the larger ones are pretty "grabby" to work with and require a good bit of tapping back and forth with a hammer to adjust. I decided to try one of the switchable type when it occurred to me it might do double duty as a "handle" to make grinding blades on a platen easier and safer than some of my usual bare-handing or jerry-rigged grinding methods. Regular welding magnets have similar great grip, but are useless for grinding because of the steel dusts collection problem. Turns out I love this thing, second best $27 I've ever spent at HF. It of course collects grinder dust like the others, but simply turning the switch off allows me to literally just wipe off the steel dust. Not sure if it's got the claimed 90 lb grip, but my hands aren't strong enough to  pull the blade off when the switch is "on", and it works fine as a grinding "handle". This one appears to be a ripoff of the "Stronghand Adjust-0-Magnet", which claims 80 lbs of grip and generally runs about $10 or so more.

Disclaimer:  Like anything else related to blade work on buffers, grinders, and other rotating machinery, always keep the point down, wear stout eye, face and body protection, don't wear gloves, don't work when you're ticked off, distracted, frustrated, tired, or in a hurry, and be generally cautious to the point of borderline paranoia. Bad things happen with rotating power tools in milliseconds, MUCH faster than your eyes and brain can process. You will only realize there's a problem after you've stared in shock at the blood for a few seconds. One last thing: NEVER turn your back on a blade in a vise, it only takes seconds to remove it and lay it on the workbench.



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OOOOH I want! I don't use magnets grinding, they collect the grinding dust and magnetize the work. However I do use the heck out of my welding magnets and  am always cursing while I unstick them from tools, work and stuff. A SWITCH! WooHOO! :D

Frosty The Lucky.

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