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I Forge Iron

Calum ‘Stealag’ MacLeod 1935-2019


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Probably the inspiration for me to heat up a bit of steel and hit it.  Thank goodness Calum Angus filmed it. Facebook links removed

Calum and his father used to have a forge beside my grandfathers workshop in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, before my time, it’s now the police station, they both moved workshops but my grandfather used to take me to visit the new forge, man, I was young but I remember it.  It was certainly the most interesting place for a young boy to visit when my grandfather was doing the rounds.  The fish smoker and the shoemakers just weren’t the same.

told to go and meet him and show him the stuff I was doing when I moved home, but I didn’t. Frankly I thought it wasn’t good enough, this guy was an artist.  I think it will always be a regret.  The big C doesn’t wait for you to hone your skills.  He is missed by all the old school in the Outer Hebrides, last of the blacksmiths in that part of the world for sure. 

There’s no subtitles so I hope my friends on here will understand the stories, there’s a few Gaelic words in there too, if you need a translation of any let me know. 

Calum ‘Stealag’ MacLeod 1935-2019


By hammer and hand...



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Mr. MacLeod,

Marg & I have added Mr. MacLeod to our list and intentions.

May his memory dwell long among all his kin and friends.

May he rest in peace with all those that have preceded him,   in their reward.

He sounds like an interesting man.

Pity I cannot meet all of them,  in one lifetime.




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