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Steel splitting


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There is a table next to the forge called the HOT table.  Everything goes onto the HOT table.  There is another table near the anvil called the work table.

Metal or projects coming from the anvil, coming from the vise, no matter, it goes onto the HOT table.  That includes tongs, punches, anything hot.There is a RULE that NOTHING leaves the hot table unless it is put into water.  Coming out of the water, it then goes into your bare hand. Only the bare hand can then put the put the metal onto the work table.  If the piece is steaming and hissing you may want to put it into the water again before it goes into your bare hand.  The metal on the work table may be warm or even overly warm, but there are no surprises.  

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9 hours ago, IronsPro said:

Metal consumes wouldn't you agree

Maybe I haven't had enough coffee or too much single mault, but this has me befuddled. Is it a local thing? Can you elaborate a little on that.

BTW Welcome aboard, I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum.  READ THIS FIRST   It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location as so many answers depend upon where in the world you are located. Other tips will help in flying under the moderators radar.:)

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