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T wash/Mordant solution treatment problem

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Hi All,

I've made a set of railings that I got galvanised and subsequently treated with t wash/mordant solution. I painted it on, left it to dry, and it finished up with the really nice grey finish. After fitting them, and a day in the rain, a white powder coating has developed on top of the grey finish. This has only developed where the rain has landed on the railings, or where water has run down. You can see this in this image


The coating can be cleaned off with a wire wheel, but I don't want to go through all that effort if this is going to happen again the very next time it rains. Have I done something wrong in my application? or missed a step?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

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I'm not familiar with the term you're using but I've used a number of spray zinc "galvy patch" paints. They need sealing or they will develop a white dust, we called it ash. Once dry a coat of Rustoleum handled ash formation. I personally like spray epoxy enamels for durability in the weather but that's just personal preference.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sorry, but I know only what I read online in the IFU’s for the various T Wash Mordant products I found using Google. 

Really I only clicked on the post because of the word ‘mordant’.  Iodine serves as a mordant in gram stain procedures in clinical labs. We ask all prospective new techs what the function of iodine is in gram stains while interviewing them. It is just one of 10 or so questions on our ‘Idiot Test.’ All the questions on the test are fairly basic things anyone who has gone through an MLT or CLS program should know. We created the test after going through a rough patch where every new hire seemed to be an ‘idiot’ after we hired them.  Totally off topic and random, I know. 


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