Ingenious Cambodian blacksmith

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I posted this in the tooling section because it deals with the various tooling and improvised anvil this blacksmith is using.  MODS, move it if you desire.

Some of you may have seen his work, but I just ran across this by chance.  He is an ingenious blacksmith in Cambodia and I found it very interesting to see the work he puts out on his youtube videos.  He is working with very limited, sometimes primitive tooling, to produce some very useful things.  A couple of reasons I linked his youtube channel here is to illustrate to aspiring smiths that you don't need a traditional London or German pattern anvil to produce quality work and you don't need fancy, expensive tools to work with.  If desired, those can come later in the smithing journey.

His anvil is a large steel shaft, or something similar, about 6-8 inches in diameter mounted in a large stump.  He seems to be able to forge just about anything he needs on that.  His forge and tools are not sophisticated by any means, but they get the job done.  I was amazed that one striking tool he uses is 10 years old.  It looks like the axe/hatchet he made began as a large U-joint, possibly from a truck.  So, if you novice folks just starting out in smithing are having difficulty finding that perfect anvil, hammers and tongs, check out what he works with.  Use what you can to begin with until you can acquire the tools you desire.

It's obvious that OSHA nowhere around.....!!


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