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Mystery Anvil in Ireland

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Hi All, first time posting on the site. I am a newbie, starting out on the blacksmithing journey trying to learn as much as I can.

Recently I was training with another smith and he told me about an old anvil nearby that might be up for sale. With a bit of dealing I managed to get it for €200. The smith I was working with couldn't figure out the origins of the anvil and while it's pretty beat up, he reckoned it would serve me well to get started with.

It rings clean and sounds good. No idea if there are any cracks or anything but would anyone be able to figure out what kind/general age of an anvil it is? 

Thanks...now to start reading all the beginner threads....


Anvil 1.jpg

Anvil 2.jpg

Anvil 4.jpg

Anvil 5.jpg

Anvil 6.jpg

Anvil 7.jpg

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Welcome to IFI! If you haven't yet, please READ THIS FIRST!!!

That is an interesting anvil. It's along the lines of what's usually called a "Birmingham pattern" (like a London pattern, but without the flat step between the horn and the face), but the hardy hole exiting from the side is more typical of French anvils. I can't quite tell if the hole in the heel is round (essentially a centered pritchell hole) or just a very worn square.

A clean ring generally means a wrought iron body/steel face anvil no cracks or delaminations. More than that, I could not say.

Following to see what others come up with.

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If it has a clear ring over the face then there should be no cracks or delamination to worry about.

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