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Another mystery metal

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What I can tell you is that it's a bolt from an old wooden box car, circa 1920. I had at orange heat to cut on the hardy. I hit it once turned it a quarter turn, hit it again, quarter turn hit it again and it sheared off. I flattened and punched one end fine but when I went to drift it split out. So I tried drawing one end and it frayed. Dull orange sparks on the grinder. Heated and quenched it and it bent over the anvil, no cracks. Any ideas?


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As others stated, wrought iron, and needs worked at much higher temps throughout forging. To add, once it starts cooling heat it again and only work it in the higher temps till you get used to it. OR, sell it or trade it to smiths looking for it to purchase or get some regular mild steel for simpler projects. 

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Mr. Dragon,  et al.,

Try this site for Practical Blacksmithing volume one,

bamsite.org/books/practical_blacksmithing_1.pdf ,

The other three volumes are there too.

Bamsite.org is the website of the Blacksmiths association of Missouri.   A good group.

They,  also,  have a lot of other tiles for download.

Hope that helps,


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My local library has a pretty good selection of blacksmithing books.  The book referenced above Lorelei Sims, Bealer, Andrews, but sadly no titles by Mr. Weygers. I've looked through the Bamsite library but I still enjoy the feel of a real book in my hands but It is a great resource even if I can't hold it.


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That was going to be my next attempt. Then I will probably get it all together and put away for a rainy day. 

There were two of the box cars I had to demolish because of the insurance company. I cringe now at all that went to the scrap yard. Long before I became interested in Blacksmithing.

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