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Mysterious free Anvil

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Buddy of mine found this outside his door a few days ago. He lives in France. I immediately thought it was some sort of Hardy tool, so he said I could have it.  I posted some pictures round and aside from the dirty jokes surrounding its shape and possible unintended uses from the manufacturer some have said this is a Stake /tinsmith Anvil/ flattener. Its 5kg. Not sure on the brand but it seems very ornately shaped. 

I'm curious as to where a makers mark would be on here should there be one. Or if it can be identified without need of cleaning it up based on its shape.


What do you guys think?  I'll take up some measurements when it arrives, so far I just have these pictures and know its 5KG which seems quite heavy for something that looks this size.





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Ayup, tinner's stake.  There were many more brands than Pexto but searching Pexto usually comes up with the best links and photos.

Though most were designed to be used in a stake plate, it's not uncommon to see them inserted into a stump or even a hodgepodge holder.  There are a couple of Tinner's videos online that show guys doing old school tin work on site and using hodgepodge stake holders.  You often work sitting down for site work so break out your comfy chair.  

Now you just need the other 50 stakes in a set :-)  In reality, most Tinners only use two or three different stakes and can make amazing things with very simple tools. 

Unfortunately, that particular stake is not the most sought after style so doesn't have high value.  It has some, though.

COuldn't think of the actual name for that stake so had to look it up.  It seems to be referred to as a "coppersmith's square stake" (or squaring stake).  The shape does not look like most of the PEXTO stakes due to the extra chamfers.  Probably another brand or possibly a bit older than most online stake photos.

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