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another banner day yesterday..  Got the stove pipe in and the chimney up and cap and seal installed.. 

Installed new door gaskets 

Now the new to me combo coal/wood/oil furnace is installed and fired up.. 

learned a bunch..  Because the building is steel corrugated the flange that would go outside has to be mounted inside.. 

The original hole was cut for the flange size.. which turns out only needed a 10" hole vs a 12" hole.. 

The flange seal I bought is designed for roof applications but figured it would work just as well for side wall..  Sadly with metal buildings there are a bunch of items which don't seem to be out there unless in the know, or adaption is relied upon. 













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Mr Pedro, thanks, it sure is.. Was so excited getting it lit.. 

We had several days in single digits and a - or 2..  many days in the teens.. 

The dual fuel will be really nice..  Wood, coal, used oil, kerosene, or fuel oil or diesel..  The options are pretty good.. Once the Propane is installed I can install a propane burner if the desire is there.. 

So after some thought I came up with a plan for the pipe wrench..  It worked mint.. 

Aligning the pipe went super well.. Could not expect it to go better.  I put a couple of blocks on the side of the pole and then leaned the Rigid over some till I thought it was aligned..  It screwed right in.. 

the wrench only needed 1 redesign because there was no way to get get the bolt section on the wrench body.. 

The teeth could use to be a little sharper but overall a raging success.. 







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SinDoc I can not get a straight answer from anyone including the electrical inspector..   The National grid spec sheet calls for RMC.. The town over and a few examples in Rutland do use sch80 pvc.. 

So, I just followed what was in the NG 750B..   They want 2 hole clamps every 30" but everywhere I look, they have 1 at the top..  I installed 3..  Sign of a newbie.. More than likely.. But it's what it shows.. 

Thomas, that is the main Rd..  Or I should say Kenwood Dr..  I went with Buried and conduit so the wires would not be overhead and a problem.. 

For overhead NG supplies the wire and the full distance to the building including a pole install if needed.. 

with underground the owner is responsible for everything from the pole.. 

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Thanks.. I'm hoping they will find a perfect place..   Once I get electric installed I will start shop layout for the machine shop area and welding and metal prep areas..   

The items not used will go up for sale.. At this point of my life having and extra 3 or 4 of something is not really needed anymore..   :)   Or is it????  

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Jen, nice finds on the saw and DP.  Since you will be having a number of students, I would recommend putting the extra stuff in a storage...never know if or who/when you might need some or all of them.  After your school is established, you could then get rid of the stuff absolutely not needed.  Never know, a student or two might need a piece of the stored stuff.  I know storage can get expensive, but you are a creative solution finder!

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I agree, having an extra 3-4 of everything is just wrong! You're falling well short of the idea in backup equipment and tools! If you pack them tight in storage it won't take up much room and you'll be producing budding young blacksmiths, some are bound to make it professionally and they'll need equipment. Who more natural to ask about  finding some than their instructor and mentor? YOU!

Oh, as one last note. If you had enough . . . stuff, you wouldn't keep bringing more home. :rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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