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I have no idea what door sweep I bought, I didn't like the one that came with the door so I drove to the Spenard Builders a few miles down the road and measured till I liked it and bought it. It's a 3' door and the sweep makes up for not having a jam. 1 1/4" maybe? You can feel it when you reverse direction on the door and it has to fold back. 

I had the accident before I finished the shop so there's still a lot undone. I don't spend much time on ladders anymore. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Thomas, that sounds awesome..   I am a huge fan of composite construction..   This building was simply because of the fire resistance aspect.   Like all things these days I probably over did it for a metal school..  But will also have my auto and motorcycle stuff in there as well as the Bicycle stuff. 

I'm sure your Grandfather at that age could have outworked more than a few half his age..   Some people just got it..  I often wish I could just slap things together and have it come out good..  LOL..  Your shop does sound awesome.. 

There is something about seeing a persons shop.. Kinda like seeing a person for the first time.   Not in a judgment way.. But in a cool, mellow kinda way. 

George..  LOL    ( I love that.. An estimated 2hr job will take 4days)..  You been lurking in the shadows here.. :) 

  I was poised to get that all framed in and then realized I had to go to work.. So hour out, 30minutes on job site and 1hr back.. 

 330pm when I left here,  It was dark, dark but stayed and got those 2 bottom pieced cut and fitted.   I'm lucky that metal working tools are kinda universal..  So have been heavily using both Milwaukee dry cut metal saws..  I have a corded and 28V unit.  Not a single leg vise setup for use in the building.. 

I get started and like "oh, that should take 1 hr."  6 hrs later I'm still scratching my head..  :) 

It took a full 2hrs to put that door together.. Drill the holes for the lock set, figure out where things go.. Find the screws that went in those 2 holes because they are different than the other 2 small screws that look the same but are not.. 


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Does not matter the time it took to deal with the project, only that the project is now finished. 

Sometimes it is reinventing the wheel because you do not know what the wheel is suppose to look like.  You just make things work.  You develop your own tricks and bring in your experiences from your life. 

The fellow that has been schooled in a trade or has worked that trade for years can be very good and make the trade seem so simple because he has already done that.  Take him out of his comfort zone and he becomes a basket case.  He does not know what he is doing or even how to adapt.

You have conquered many aspects in constructing that building.  Finishing is just another part of a complex problem. 

We have faith in you, so stop questioning things and have faith in yourself.  Keep cutting down those trees and eventually you WILL find the forest. 

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My grandfather celebrated his 96 birthday earlier this year; we've been trying to get to them the last few years as...Unfortunately the lockdown prevented us from attending and we are NOT going to risk him!  He was a young Marine on Iwo Jima; he survived that and we hope he survives this!  He has always been a tinkerer; built his own wood fired hot tub way back when!  Aerated even!   He's slowed way down the last few years but still volunteers at a soup kitchen---He remembers the Great Depression!

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Jen, I have been lurking on this thread because I have NO experience or expertise in the erection of metal buildings but it has been fun to watch your progress, read the advice from people who can contribute something useful, and drool over your tool hoard.

"By hammer and hand al arts do stand." 

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thanks guys..  just a quick note..  Today no work on the shop..  It was not such a good day..  Went to work as normal but on the way home a dog ran out in front of the truck and it was to late to do anything..  Ruined both our days... the dog had a collar so called the owners and waited for them to show up..  It was pretty instant.. the dog was at plow frame height.. 

So all the plans after that fell apart and dragged myself out to strengthen the trailer gantry which had to be done before power hammer pickup tomorrow. 

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Sorry you met the dog and owners under those circumstances. I thank you for calling and staying around till they got there. I would have expected nothing less from you and thank you for providing them with that consideration.


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I'm still a little frazzled by yesterdays incident.  But so glad I went out and worked on the trailer.. 

I forgot about the hammer having a factory base fix. This added substantially to the overall weight. 

First off today was a "Success" and the hammer made it to its new home and is sitting on rollers for the final move. 

So, 15 or so years ago I took the hammer apart for an unknown reason to me know.. When I say unknown its because I don't really remember.  I do know all the parts are there less motor and mounting bracket.

So the next phase will be to clean things up and put it back together..  

So the hammer had to be lowered to get it out the door way and and also it was to tall for the trailer. So my original plan was to lay it down and the main guy Joe, agreed  I was at Larry's house but Joe jumped in to help..  Thank you Joe.. 

I love working with capable people and this was the case for sure.   No accidents or injuries.. 

Because the base is so heavy it was interesting because once it was tilted over even at about 60 or so degrees it just wanted to stand back up.  The trick was to use the winch on the trailer to pull it downwards while letting up pressure on the gantry. 

It was a super smooth down and once down I used the winch while the guys used bars to inch it forwards.. Well until the weld on the bottom of the winch plate let go..  I was using low gear and it must have had to much tension.. You could see where it pulled the weld apart as the failure but also the pipe it was attached to was torn just under the weld.. You could see it's stretched.. 

No one got hurt as it just bounced off the bolt and died right there 2 inches from where it was.. 

I then got out the chain come along and used that.. 

Once loaded "thanks" abound and gave JLP Tshirts to both Larry and Joe getting lucky that I brought 2, in a medium and large and turns out Larry is a Medium and Joe is a large.. 

It then took 4 runs going up from where the barn was to get onto the main road..  I'd get to a certain point and the tires would just spin on the gravel..  I needed a better speed.. 

I'm not found of pulling heavy gear, though it's not that heavy.. (with this said, it weighs more than what the manual states). 

Once on the road the items stayed well in place and once home I had lunch and recoup some energy to go out for the move..  it's dark here by 4:30pm  so had to grab the headlamp. 

The hammer was easy to unload with the Lull and once on the ground I put some cribbing down for it to go on. 

Once the chains were on the Nylon 3000lb straps I tilted it up slowly until it would stand up on it's own.  I then tried to right it some to relocate the chains..  The nylon strap just shredded where the chain was touching it, but it was still on the ground..  I move stuff like this very slowly, so could hear the straps starting to ting while the machine was still on the ground. 

I then double up the loop of chain and it was the perfect length to go under the guide arms..  Once i figured out the correct chain length it was easy from there.  I was going to stash it under the dormer but then decided to just move it in place.. 




















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Thomas thanks..  You were correct for sure on getting it in when I did.     LOL.. 

Today I did the horse thing and got back about 12:30.. Had a alittle lunch and got right out there.. Came in about 45min ago.. 12AM as i write this. 

I spent nearly 2 hrs on that first panel fitting it and then trying to hold it up so I could get a screw into it.. 

I drilled and tapcon'd the bottom sections, figured out the top mount for the side brace peice.  But only 1 panel left to go in. That end panel has to be cut and fitted and frankly I was spent about 8pm but kept going..  We are supposed to get about 12" of snow so wanted to get it enclosed more..  I didn't bother to cut-in the window..  I'll get that some other time. 

The door opens and closes.. :) 






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Thanks Glenn,   Little more work done.. And a little more to do..  That end panel will take some time to fit..  

I think today if the snow doesn't cover the ground to quickly I will get the bottom panels on.  I still have the back section by the fume extraction but covered it with a sheet of metal last night. 

Feels good having this coming coming to an end.. Still another week of labor or so but happy to have it further along for sure. 

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On 12/2/2020 at 11:54 AM, ThomasPowers said:

My grandfather celebrated his 96 birthday earlier this year; we've been trying to get to them the last few years as...Unfortunately the lockdown prevented us from attending and we are NOT going to risk him!

That is fantastic..  Sad with covid an no visiting though.  I used to love talking with my grandmother and would ask here about her childhood and events and such.. 1914 is when she was born..   

I find those visits to be cherished for sure.  covid can't last forever can it.. :) Sooner then later is what I am hoping. 

On 12/2/2020 at 1:56 PM, George N. M. said:

Jen, I have been lurking on this thread because I have NO experience or expertise in the erection of metal buildings but it has been fun to watch your progress, read the advice from people who can contribute something useful, and drool over your tool hoard.

Using the word "Lurking" was not  the right word..   I should have wrote something like "ninja" or the like.. I thought it was cute but see my choice of words were incorrect..  You have contributed for sure.. thank you. 

Life skills and general knowledge certainly apply in many areas..  While it might be a steel building I have gotten information from all who contribute even if it is just kind words.    :)    

On 12/2/2020 at 5:15 PM, Irondragon ForgeClay Works said:

Same here, your progress has simply amazed me. Sometimes after seeing what you have done, I need to take a nap.:)

LOL..  Sometimes after seeing what I have done.. I need to go take a nap too.  ;) 

Glenn, Frosty,    I have an affinity for animals..  All of our critters are family so look at others the same way.. 

The people were very nice and everything played out exactly as it was supposed to with me staying.. 

With my Rally driving back ground and martial arts training one always assumes prowess enough to avoid such things but there was nothing that could be done but stay there and wait.  No other options..  I did call 911 an reported it and they called animal control but once the owners came (had the truck parked so no one else would cause havoc) The owners took the doggy home.  

I left..  i did get a call from the Police asking why I had left and explained the owners came and I'd be happy to talk with who ever.   

Anyhow, I just wanted to catch up with peoples posts..  Thanks of the Support.. 

its snowing out to beat the band..  

So, Thursday the lights arrived too.  

When I called the company to purchase them and see what they would suggest.  They offered another light and 16 of them at 150 each. 

I saw these and they are supposed to offer 120Degrees of light vs a focused beam and ordered 6.. 

Now, I'm using only 2, 150 Led and 2, 100 watt leds in the shop and its just a little bit darker than I'd like..  so going with these 6 initially I think should be ok..   I can always add a few more later.. 

The 4 lights in there now I just the clamp on chicken heater lights.. 

Anyhow I'm hopeful. 

I also setup a time to pick up the heater next friday and yesterday the propane guys came out to look at the site and setup a quote for a 1000 gallon above ground propane tank. 








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Good job Jennifer, closed in before the snow flies! AND you got the hammer in and planted. 

Think you'll be able to relax a bit now? I sure hope so, you've crossed the hump, the rest is important but not like getting it closed in and weather tight. 

Hitting a dog is tough, I've been there twice. One ran off and I couldn't fine it, probably went home. Another wasn't wearing a collar and it was pre-chip, It died on impact. I had to take it to the dump, it seemed sadder saying a few words and leaving to be buried with the trash. I wasn't quite right for a couple days. 

Again, you did good.  

Frosty The Lucky. 

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When travelling the highways of the west I almost always have a firearm in the car so that if I hit or come across an animal that has been hit but not killed I can put it down.  This has happened a few times over the years.  I will NOT let an animal suffer if it is in my power to end the suffering.  The same is true in hunting.  The primary goal is to make a clean kill.

It never is a good feeling or a casual incident, soon forgotten, to end the life of an animal either by accident or intentionally but that is the burden of being human.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Jennifer, Your timing is great !! 

Weather forecast says a Nor'easter came knocking just after you were able to close the doors on the shop.   Take time and enjoy working on the inside, out of the wind and weather.  You deserve it.

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Frosty that is tough..  Over the years I have buried numerous pets and for some reason my friends used to bring me all the animals they hit with cars to dispatch..  

George it is interesting for sure..  Hunting and purpose vs accident..  Humanity..  I don't know.. it's ok though..  Great idea keeping something for the occasion though..  In MA that would be not tollerated very well.  Cop shows up and does it thats one thing..  Pulling a firearm to dispatch an injured animal..  Well, lets just say it's a possibltiy but a low one. 

On occasion I have been in the drivers seat hitting the same animal a few times..  While it might sound bad, the F350 is better than the hands.. 

I'm doing a little better today.. 

Glenn,  We got hammered with snow.. We got 13" of heavy wet snow.. It has ruined all our young Birch trees and tore a center branch out of the dogwood. 

I did hang around till about noon, then I had to go out and shovel, do some clean up, put the plow on the truck, change the glow plug relay only to find out it's a wiring glitch instead. ( it powers on, but power comes from both sides so the unit never energizes the coil..   Not sure if its a bad fuse or bad ground.  It hasn't worked for a year and figured it was the relay because they are known to go bad.  

For those that are older there used to be a cartoon called  "Pinky and the brain"..  It was a story about  2 lab mice and 1 of the mice wanted to take over the world..  meniacle would be the word..  

Or as Hannible would say " I love it when a plan comes together".. 

the front shed dormer roof worked as planned with the snow and the back side towards the neighbors had no snow in it.. that will be where the bar stock is held ready for prep.. 

Anyone know where I can find some of those clear vinyl strips for reasonable money. 14ft-16ft should work. I put them on the one side and my snow issue under the dormer would drop to about 0. 

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Once you get off the interstate in Wyoming probably 2-3 out of 5 cars with WY plates has a firearm on board.  Once you get off the pavement the ratio is probably 8 or 9 out of 10.  Wyoming has the highest per capita gun ownership in the country.  You don't see guns on every street corner but isn't uncommon to see someone carrying, particularly during hunting season.  There are a fair number of school districts that don't have middle or high school classes on the opening day of deer/elk/antelope season because if they did 80-90% of the boys wouldn't be there and about 50% of the girls.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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George, I personally would be a side arm carry or concealed carry if out in that neck of the woods..  There are a bunch of places that are more gun friendly.. 

When I was a youngster we would take rifles to school on the bus and stash them in the locker..  They had hunter safety courses and the like. 

different world today..  With that said..   Do you guys have any snow on the ground?  Just got done with 4 hours of snow moving..  Will be different next year.. Lotta things.. 

Glenn thanks for looking..  I found 8" X 150ft for 86.00 each..  I need to span about 14-16ft so will order 2 rolls.. 

That was the best price I found.. If it is UV stabilized I will order them.. If not I will keep looking. 

Of note,  There was no snow on the roof but at the peak this morning.. I came out to find the snow neatly piled up right at the foundation.. Would have loved to seen it come off. 

Also of note the inside was warm enough even with the front open not to freeze inside.. So any of the snow melt from boards brought in or from the back of the truck parked in the door way melted and just left a puddle. 

Also, the replaced glow plug relay did work this morning..  Truck fired right up..  Not sure if it was the relay or Just because.. 

Will know for sure tomorrow morning..  I won't plug the truck in tonight so it will be a cold start.. 

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We've had several snows already this fall, the first was Sept. 9th, exactly 3 months after the last big spring snow.  But it has been above freezing during the day and the white stuff is all gone except for a bit in shady places.  The snow line on the Medicine Bow Mountains (about 30 miles west) is at about 9,000 feet.  High predicted to be in the mid-40s today.  Balmy for Laramie in December.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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I love the 50s.. I don't even mind the 20's but you throw in the snow and everything just becomes a wet, cold mess. 

Especially since the ground is still soft here.. So that means plowing, you end up pulling up everything that is not hard and smooth.. Or else leaving a thin layer of snow to turn into that 1/2" of ice once it gets some melt on. 

George God bless..  At some point my honey and I are going to start touring the USA I'd love to see all the areas.. 

We are in the snow belt here and frankly for the next year or so it's just tough. but looking up for sure. 

I'm better off in warm then snow. 


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