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Thanks.. I try to.. I spent about 1.5hrs last night after everyone left cleaning up. 

I then finished up this morning before I got moving again. 

Because the shop is being worked on daily, it's easy to stay focused on keeping it decent. 

Where is lacking is in the garage where the tooling (dry goods, welders, lathe) and in the demo trailer where I have been storing the Hardness testers and shipping paper..  

We don't get news papers any longer so keep the shipping paper for starting the forge.. I might have a little to much right now. 

It was fun yesterday showing all the equipment after lunch too.  :) 

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Holy Moly Jennifer it's really coming along! Nothing like having a gang on the job! Deb and I take a few days to do some leaf peeping in the RV and when we get home Das had some innards removed and your frame starts looking like a shop!

Maybe we should take long weekends more often so folk on the forum could get more done. Wait a second, maybe not we don't want folk following Das's example. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks Frosty, 

Not sure Das has much more to be removed.. Better stick around the computer for sure. 

If all goes well the roof should be on or at least part of the roof should be on this coming weekend. 

Just sorted roof panels for left and right sides  and now on my way out to install the first part of the Skyliner on the ends. 

It is very frustrating as getting the first few courses started or figuring out how things go together is still a problem. 

There are no instructions for the front roof to main building interface so not sure where it's supposed to start or stop or attach and no clear instructions for finish trim around the wall panels. 

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Getting it enclosed before winter!!!  Is that even allowed?

I've often thought that with all the discussions on how the pyramids were built; *nobody* has looked for enormous piles of pizza boxes labeled in hieroglyphics! 

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Thomas, if it's not allowed they can just fine me..   I'd be more than happy to have it fully done and enclosed like this week.. :) 

This project has eaten my summer and for the last year it's been every minute I'm not working with horses.. 

I'm ready to have the building aspect done.  I have the floor guy aligned so as soon as I get it insulated and roof on, they can come in so I can start moving stuff in. 

Anvil, it's 40X60Ft 14Ft side walls with a 20ft front shed roof for storage of welding gases and such. 

Which in the design the shed roof can be incorparated as part of the main building so the overall open space is 80ft if need be in the future. 

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On 9/7/2020 at 9:08 PM, jlpservicesinc said:

I do have electric rattle guns.. But don't trust them to fully torque to spec..

Do you plans actually call for your bolts to be torqued to a certain spec? We erect quite a few of these types of building every year in a commercial setting and very rarely have to torque to spec. I'm curious if they require that since we have never installed a Bison building. Almost all of our building require a post erection inspections and 99% of them only require a snug tight bolt connection.

It looks like you are using a liner system on the roof and wall, those systems are a pain to install. There is a lot of special detailing involved to tighten everything up right. You may need another angle at the wall/roof intersection that they may not have provided. Also if it has a raised ridge cap make sure you stuff it full of insulation. That may sound silly but you would be amazed at the amount of condensation that can form in that ridge cap.

If you are missing pieces or stuff is fab's wrong please get a hold of the company. They will make it right and send you what you need. Granted it's a different company but we are routinely reimbursed to refab if something is wrong.

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Thanks guys. 

I have been right out straight with it. 

I have had the NEB crew here 2 saturdays in a row and a local smith has been coming nearly daily and helping since I put the word out. 

Dick L. has been coming nearly daily and he is super great worker offering guidance when needed like when getting close to close with the manbasket and such. 

Also it's great being able to bounce ideas and such off someone who has built this type of building as his own shop was built many year ago. 

The liner was fully installed this past Saturday while the others in the gang sorted insulation and started to get panels on the roof.. 

I felt badly because it could have been much more productive, but the liner system took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long to install.  About 30hrs would be my best guess and Dick L, helped there too. 

He has been heaven sent. 

Today we got 2/3rds of 1 side with roof sheets and insulation installed and then put the tarp back on. 

We have about 7 or 8 more panels for this side.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy  so we might sort insulation and maybe get the remaining roof panels on this side. 

So, Bryan and Larry L, Sam P, and Dick L. have been great with coming over these past few saturdays. 

Sadly, I have been so tired by the end of the day I have not posted any photos or progress shots. 

So here are a bunch. 

I love seeing the supplies getting used up and turning into empty spaces. This storage unit was chock full and now there is room or some room. 




















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Thanks guys.  Woman lift for sure. 

9/10-9/25  to get the siding on, Bayliner installed insulation and then roofing on.  

NEB guys on 2 Saturdays and Dick L. the other days except Sundays. this past Wednesday I worked alone as it was a large farrier day and was split hours so did the front upper over the shed roof. 

I have to say.  I really like working with Dick..   It's rare to find a full on worker these days and our working style while slightly different comes with discussion and then picking the better method.  It's been a joy.  

Without Everyones help I would not be where I am today in progress.  I can't thank everyone enough. 

November will be a year of working on it.   With site work started in July. 


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Thanks Frosty and Glenn. 

Today was another weekend work day.  Sam P and Dick L. came by. 

We installed most of the insulation and Dick and I did the liner on 1 wall. 

The manlift blew a -6 hydraulic line on the steering and I only had 1 straight fitting and need a 45 degree.. 

I'll have to go pick up a box on Monday to fix the line. 






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