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It's been a good deal busy around here with family stuff thanks to a brand new granddaughter arriving .. so this is something I whipped out real quick for site stock..

This one is a mix of 1095,  L-6 and some meteoric iron thrown in ..8 1/4" Maiden Hair blade... with phosphor bronze mounts...I used some of that bowling ball material for the fluted grip I have been playing with.. I sorta like it..This piece  looks like a deep reddish maple burl... Turned out OK...at least I think so...

The sheath is set with a very nice 17.65 Ct star ruby.. cut this one myself.. All in all I think it didn't turn out too bad..

Hope the photos work... as I said this one is website stock and is currently listed there..






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Been here now for 18 months...finally got everything more or less set up..Now if I can just remember where I put stuff I would be doing pretty good..

The new studio is close to twice the size of the old one so I have new places for things...I am slowly getting use to the new expanded set up...I actually have ROOM now...

I am still working on replacing the equipment that "walked away" from my storage in Nevada.. the last piece is a bench mill and then I will be totally back up..  

All in all I am back to work and finishing off my 4th book...





I do these free hand using a flex shaft machine and 1/2" dia drum sander arbors..wear a respirator... that is what I say cause this stuff is all sorts of nassy..

I rough cut in with 40 grit, smooth that out with 180 grit and start the polish with 320 and then work on up up to 2000. The last two I do wet..gets messy but oh it comes out like glass.. After the fluting I lightly buff with black crocus..change wheel and then go to the white rouge ..that rouge works on the bronze as well..oh  it comes out smooth...

Here's a less fancy one...






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