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I had to pull up a map, there wasn't an Carriso Park last time I lived in S. Cal. We lived one block off Hubbard on Leach St. when we first lived there there wasn't anything but Chaparral where the park is now and only a couple old ranches beyond. I went to Hubbard elementary. Later we moved to Polk St. about half a block up from Dronefield. I discovered later the folks bought a new place so my Sister and I would be within walking distance of a high and jr. high school. Olive Vista jr. and Sylmar high. Sylmar was brand new, I was in the first graduating class Rubin drove me past and the "temporary" classrooms were still in use  just moved farther into what used to be the athletic fields. I guess PE is out now?

Developers were clearing the olive orchards when I lived there but olive trees were everywhere, everybody had at least one in the yard. Heck, everybody had fruit trees, the Avacado in the Leach St. front yard had to be 40' wide and lived happily with the cork oak. Two olives in the back yard with the lemon, oranges, kumquats and fruit shrubs, the mangos never produced, the peaches and nectarines really produced. There were 3 types of almost every type of fruit: eating, canning and pie or juicing. The lady we bought it from was also the neighborhood cat lady.

I have to stop reminiscing or I'll be posting pages of TBI ramble.

Hook up with the CBA, they're a very active smithing group, I've never heard anything but good about them. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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