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Pink Starrett surface plate


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This may not be the best place for this, although I'm sure someone can give me a little info. So there is a 12x18 Starrett Pink Granite Surface Plate on Craigslist for $50, I looked it up and the cheapest I'm seeing one is $668 for that size. Is a granite plate suitable for work in the metal/machine shop? I'm pretty new to all this stuff and I honestly doubt I'd get any real use out of a surface plate right now since I'm not machining anything that has to be super precise. Although for $50 I don't think I can pass up the offer. Also if it's gone a little bit off of true, how hard or expensive would it be to true up again?

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The Starrett crystal pink surface plates are the top of the line plates from Starrett. $50 is a great price.

They come in different precision tolerances. If it is off-which I doubt-you wouldn't true it up. We are talking about a surface that can be within .00005" of total flatness. These are used for laying out parts for machining. Do not use it for hammering anything. You may be able to flip it and make some money.

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The price is remarkable assuming it hasn't been damaged.  Not a lot I can think of that would be smithing related with it though.  Handy once in a while to have a granite plate when marking stuff for machining or checking flatness where you need to be accurate.  Obviously, good for it's original intent which is usually inspection with that level of plate.

Might be good for lapping and such but it's like using a Ferrari as a tractor.

Personally, I'd pass unless you know it's still got a good surface and might be able to be resold to a machine shop that needs such a thing.  

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