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A few years ago I read a short article that explained the craftsman’s opportunity to be a bladesmith / blacksmith in today’s world.  I was reading several different forums at the time so it may have originated here or elsewhere. I’d love to find it again. 

Im going butcher it but I think I can get the heart of it across.


“” “”It begins stating that since the beginning of man’s time man has strived for an easier more efficient way of doing things/making things.  Now for the first time in history life is so easy craftsmen can seek out and revive the old ways of doing. “” “”

If this rings a bell with anyone and you know where it originated from please let me know. If this is a butchering of your quote, forgive me but please correct me.

Thank You

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how members live within visiting distance. Also a lot of information has a large location factor.

Sorry, I can't pin your question to any specific article or person, however it is a generally accepted article of faith. Many crafts like blacksmithing are no longer industry standards, we can go to the local big box and buy most of what we need: hinges, brackets, gates, railings, garden tools, etc. for example. 

This same modern industrial supply allows humans to be so productive they can live well and have enough surplus time and "money" they can afford to take up hobbies based on old, even ancient trades. 

A lot of us have been talking about this as long as I've been practicing the craft. You can't read many books and not realize this truth. Well, if you have moderately good reading comprehension OR a personal belief you're trying to reinforce you can't. 

Stick around, we talk about this all the time and I'm sure someone can link you t earlier or more current discussions of the subject.

Frosty The Lucky.

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