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What is this??

Timothy Edwi

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Welcome aboard Timothy, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header there might be members within visiting distance. A lot of things like available tools, good scrap scrounging locations, swap meets, smiths gathering for a BBQ and a little anvil time, is location dependent. If we don't know where you are nobody's going to invite you to the BBQ and you'll never meet their cute daughter. ;)

We need a few more pics of that to guess what it might be. Unless of course someone here knows, maybe had to use one on a job or it fell on a toe and the doc looked it up in the "take stuff out of people's foot" book. :rolleyes:

Frosty The Lucky.

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Is it useful? Absolutely, as to what it is I'm not sure and would need more pics to really even guess. 

Welcome to IFI and as stated above you really might be surprised at how many Smith's might be in visiting distance. I met an IFI member who lives about twenty miles from me when I went to meet someone to buy some smithing tools they were advertising on Craigslist. As an afterthought as I was leaving I asked him if he was a member of any forums and guess what. He's a member here.


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