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I Forge Iron

#2 anvil... strange hole, any ideas?

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Ayup, anvil vise combo tool and not suitable for general forging. Think straightening nails as about what it's good for. These were really popular offerings in the mail order catalogs, Sears and Roebuck for example starting post Civil war maybe?  They were more good marketing and maybe away to use extra iron after the main pour for foundries. 

Anyway, I'd put it on a shelf, maybe next to the wood stove IF Deb let me but it's not a user.

Frosty The Lucky.

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2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

Makes a great fireside nut cracking tool, with the appropriate sized hammer.  (I have a 1/2" thick slab of steel on the table with a 4 oz ballpeen).

That's a good use. I'm trying to teach one of our Dachshunds to crack nuts for me without eating the meat and scattering splintered shell around on the carpet. 

Speaking of Baxter, we just had to take ANOTHER chew toy away from him and dig the pieces of guaranteed unchewupable rubber out of his mouth. Deb and I have stopped wondering about the weird colors in their poop, we just pick up the matching toy. When Baxter was a pup, he ATE a Kong, literally ate it and in a couple hours. He pooped bright red eraser shaving rubber scraps. Now if I can just get him to dedicate that talent to the forces of goodness and JUST crack the nuts for me.

Frosty The Lucky.

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