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Any indication that any of those actually SOLD for those prices?

I sold a 248# Peter Wright for about US$4 a pound last month and I know of a Vulcan that sold for $2 a pound last week here in Central New Mexico.  Meanwhile I have seen several anvils advertised for US$7+ per pound that have been advertised for months.

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What I was pointing out was that Asking price does not equal Selling price and so saying that the going price is based on the asking price just ratchets up prices.  Does anyone pay the MSRP for an automobile?

I'd rather buy a tulip bulb! (I'd also say that it's a very inefficient market for anvils as a lot of people in it don't know that you can buy great new anvils from multiple sources. A lot of sellers and buyers can't tell the difference between a top of the line anvil and an ASO.  That Vulcan seller I mentioned; I told them that a lot of people were trying to sell "Ford Escorts" for "Cadillac Escalade" prices---either through ignorance or "malice aforethought". Their anvil sold fast; hopefully to a user and not a flipper!)

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So what did they tell you when you asked your local ABANA Affiliate about local prices? (Given that you actually are selling it in the USA.)  Anvils seem to be much cheaper in the UK than in Australia so location does still make a difference.

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Here in the USA there has been a nationwide Blacksmithing Organization that predates the internet by about a couple of decades.  It has local Affiliate Groups in most states and some states have multiple groups in them.  When people want to know things that have a location component---like where to buy coal, what are the local prices, where can I learn forge welding;---it generally makes sense to ask folks locally.  Like using a rifle rather than a shotgun.

The affiliates are listed at ABANA.org the website for the organization.

Several other countries have organizations too, not knowing which of the 100+ countries that participate here that you are in makes it hard to suggest which one to go to. 

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