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Farrier forge recommendations

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G'day, I recently bought my self a pro forge 200 and have run into a bunch of troubles with it, first thing was it had no lining on the door, and once I got that sorted it started falling apart, and it's only been used 10 or so times. I'm hoping the supplier will refund me.

Question is does anyone have any recommendations for a new forge? I need it for forge welding large pieces of steel and horseshoes, making horseshoes, and hot shoeing.

Thanks in advance.


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sorry you've received no replies... Most of us make our own rather than buying one.  The only farriers forge I know of is through NC Tool Company.  I've not seen their forges, but I have a few of their burners and they work well.  Don't now what it costs to ship out to your neck of the world though.

Good Luck!


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One question is "Large pieces of steel" 2.5" sq stock or 2.5' feet square stock?  I've had an accidental forge weld of a piece of 2.5" sq stock to some 3/4" rod in a blown ribbon burner forge that would fit a 165" anvil in it---at around 7000' too!

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Hi yes I did what was suggested but large cracks started to form all through the forge, I think there must have been small ones already there. And I have decided on the NC tool company whisper daddy forge, thanks.

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