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HELP rivet forge repair

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I'm new to blacksmithing and never worked on a blower. If the description is vague or wrong terms used its the best I can do. I did search for diagrams or pictures with no luck.

I have a lever operated blower rivet forge. It was locking up but would work fine after the big wheel was rotated a little. Thinking it needed cleaning and to inspect internal parts I disassembled. Cleaned and put together then the problem. When the lever is pushed down the wheel doesn't spin but does when the lever goes down ( has to be hand pushed) so I reversed the 3 pieces inside with the same result. The only thing I think that could be put together wrong is the 3 pieces pictured. 

Any help is appreciated, I've got lots of good information and read some humorous post here. Let me know what if any specific pictures  would help. 



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Never mind gremlins gone

I gave the parts another blast of PB then light lube, assembled as I remembered and wear marks looks aligned. Tried by hand and it worked, put into frame, belt on and all good. 

Doesn't seem like a little extra cleaning would matter. Go figure!

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