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New with a Kohlswa Anvil (I think)

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I finally got my anvil mounted.  When I got it it came on a very crude stand assembly but some of the components had promise.

The base section is a VERY heavy cast iron/steel turbine pump section with an approximate weight of north of 300#.  The middle portion was a section of thick wall steel pipe which bolted to the cast base with studs welded to the pipe.  I cut away a very crude mounting arrangement on top of the pipe section and shortened the pipe to the anvil working height I was shooting for. I then welded a round 3/4" steel plate to the thick wall pipe.  The crescent-shaped locators were salvaged from the original crude arrangement. 

My welding is still a bit crude but I'm making progress...  

To dampen out the ringing, I put 3/16 EPDM rubber between :

1.  The pipe section and casting,

2. The anvil and the 3/4" plate, and 

3. A boss on the casting which reaches up under the  3/4" plate (not visible in the photo).

I finalized the mounting by clamping the anvil to the 3/4" plate with toe-clamps.  The mounting is rock solid and the rubber interfaces dampen the ringing nicely. I'd estimate 500 lbs (+) total but its fairly easy to move by rolling on the edge of the base.

I finished up by carefully radiusing the edges of the anvil face to get rid of the sharp corners.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

I've been rounding up some very nice hammers and am about ready to start.  I've found a propane forge I can borrow until I make a decision between coal and propane.  I'm about to go get some sucker rod and begin making tongs and a few hardies. 

Enough words...

Enjoy the eye candy.



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