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Found Wile’s Anvil the other day.

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I’m new to this hobby and want to get some information on this anvil. (Yes I have the best wife ever, she bought this for me). 

Its stamped acme on the waist, the foot under the hill is a U. On the foot under the horn is stamped 125 and on the left is stamped A146397. 

I really would like to get some ideals on the best way to fix the face and step. Any other information would be appreciated. 











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Trenton, made in Columbus Ohio and stamped for Sears Roebuck (they had the ACME trademark)

I would do nothing for the step. If the face is not delaminating near where it's missing I would just use it as is as there is enough over the sweet spot to work on.  If it is delaminating then you have to decide how much time, effort and $$ to expend on it.   Look up the Gunther/Schuler method of anvil repair. Just remember you could work a lifetime on that anvil as it stands---depending on what you will be doing of course.

We were poor when we got married and a couple of months before we tied the knot, I saw a yard sale ad that said anvil; so we rushed off to look at it. 165 Peter Wright in good shape and cheap even for the US$1 a pound days,  $100.  My wife to be said "I think you should get it." And we did. Still married to her, we celebrate our 35th the first week of August.

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Have you read this yet? READ THIS FIRST  Also it is suggested that you edit your profile to show your location because so many answers depend upon where in the world you are located.

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