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Scores from an auction

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Good Morning All, 

I wanted to ask if anyone has seen this type of shredder before. I picked it and a few other goodies up at an auction in Fayetteville TN. The motor is a 1/2 HP Dayton with a 4 step pulley and the shredder part looks to have been used to shred foam rubber. 

Motor w/ pulley and some kind of shredder thing $10.00
14" Plane $12.00
2 Electric start propane torch (TS3000KC and TS4000T) with full MAPP Pro and to part full real MAPP gas bottles $16.00

It was a very good haul. 

This same place (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) had a 137 (might have included the stump in that weight) Antique M&H Armitage Mouse Hole Anvil  that went for $260.00!!! (I did not have enough extra $$ to bid but that is a good deal) 

This was an online action so you get the chance to get a good deal w/o having to be there. 



Real MAPP.png

14 inch plane.png

Chipper Shredder maybe.png

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21 minutes ago, eseemann said:

I should l brush up on the rules before posting.

Ah, don't sweat it too hard, we all get edited by a mod now and then. They won't come down on you if you don't make a habit of posting commercial links or do something blatant. 

The trick is to just mention enough name and the general location of the auction folk who are interested can find it by exercising their GoogleFu. For instance, there's a "32" gangle snapper" on Cl in Illinois. No link, no names, just ID the thing and a general area, we'll take it from there.  If we care, my gangle snappers work fine but if you see a foogel fuser, :o give a shout!

Frosty The Lucky.

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