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Hey All,

Any suggestions for places to buy new steel in the Las Vegas / Henderson area?

I need some 4140 5/8" round and square bar and the only place I know of (Metal Supermarkets) doesn't have it that.



p.s. here are a couple pics of my work area...WorkArea1.thumb.JPG.51b3e862a1d79b400025076f2eb91398.JPG




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@Thomas, I haven't tried local machine shops yet. Seems like when they're open, I'm at work and when I'm able to contact them they're closed. <_<  It's still a valid suggestion and I'll continue to try.  I had forgotten about getting drops from them, thank you for that reminder.

@A.R., thank you for the suggestions I'll check them out.


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The class in Tonopah?  Coil springs run in the 5160 ish family of alloys, and I would use that for something like a cold chisel, center punch, etch due to the higher hardness that can be achieved. It just needs to be straightened first , and possible micro cracks,which is probably why they don't want you using it. I have a case full of 12' bars of 3/8" 4140 from a shop I was the tool maker for. It was getting scrapped because they lost the certs for it. I was able to buy that plus a couple of tons of other no cert barstock at scrap value.


For coils I just lop off what I need by what ever method is available, the straighten the sections instead of trying to deal with a big spring all at once.

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No it's an online course.  I' d like to take that class in Tonopah though, it looks like fun.

Wow, sounds like you where in a 'right place/right time' kinda scenario.  I had a similar situation with the guy I bought my forge from.  He gave me all the steel he had.  Some re-purposed stock but a lot of new 5160 bar stock too.

I though about trying to straighten the whole spring at some point but then found a video of someone trying to do it and thought better of it.  I agree it seems a better idea to take it off in chunks as needed.

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I have a small pile of 9" crescent-shaped chunks of ~5/8" diameter coil spring on the floor next to my post vise stand (which also includes my punch-and-chisel rack). I keep a few straightened sections in the rack itself to be forged into tools as needed, and when they get used up, I'll toss another couple of crescents into the fire for straightening. It is a LOT easier to straighten a chunk than an entire spring, especially if you're burning propane and the whole spring is too big to fit through the door of your forge.

But getting back to the original question, check out the suppliers list post:


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